Rahul Raj  Singh Reacts To Charges Of  Encouraging Pratyusha Bannerjee Into Prostitution

A  report in a prominent Mumbai tabloid on Friday morning carries the transcript  of a conversation between the deceased girl and her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh which, according to the report, indicates that Rahul encouraged Pratyusha into prostitution.

Rahul however, turns the tables completely on the tabloid’s report alleging that the published conversation has been tampered to make him look guilt when in fact the girl seems to suggest that it’s her parents who are instrumental in her misery.

Agitated , yet strangely calm Rahul  says, “I don’t know why the newspaper did this. According to me  it is the lowest form of journalism . They’ve edited the conversation to seem as if Pratyusha was accusing me for her misery when in fact she clearly says her parents her responsible. I am sending you a copy of the conversation.In the course of the conversation she clearly says ‘Baat mere bare mein ho rehi hai…maa-baap mere ghatiyahain.’(People are talking about me.My parents are lowdown).”

Rahul Raj Says he is filing a defamation case against the tabloid which printed the story. “I am in no mood to take this lying down. This is not a serious allegation. It is a foolish allegation, belied by documented facts. In that conversation I had with Pratyusha she is clearly heard calling her father a ‘bhadwa’ and ‘bahenchod’.She’s clearly heard saying, ‘Rahul, you love me so much.That’s why you’re taking all this.’ All this has been deleted from the published transcript of our conversation to make me look guilty.’

Rahul Raj Singh says he has already asked his lawyer to take action against the paper. He has also sent off a  strongly worded rejoinder to the paper on Friday,a  copy of which is with me.

Says Rahul, “I rang up the editor asking what they stood to gain by portraying me so badly by tampering with  the text of transcript from the chargesheet which was filed three months ago.”

Rahul also casts doubts on the role of Heer Patel alleged to be involved at some point withRahul. “Why were Pratyusha’s parents staying in Heer Patel’s home when  they didn’t even know her before Pratyusha’s death?Heer Patel  accuses me of cheating her .The alleged agreement with me that Heer Patel has given to the court is a xerox agreement. Where is her original document for Rs 20 lakhs that she wants from me?”

Rahul accuses Partyusha’s parents of misusing her funds and  driving her to suicide.  “ In her last conversation with me Pratyusha clearly accused her parents of using and spending all her  money. There is a bank statement in the chargesheet where it is clearly shown how 5 and ½ lakhs of rupees from 6 lakhs that Pratyusha received  as fee for a tv serial went immediately into her mother’s bank account.”

So is Rahul Raj accusing Pratyusha’s parents of forcing her into prostitution?

Replies Rahul Raj, “I am not saying it. Pratyusha is saying it in her telephonic conversation which is  part of the chargesheet, So far I kept quiet on these matters . I wanted Pratyusha’s soul to rest in peace. But her parents are adamant to not let leave their daughter alone even after her death.On the basis of this conversation which is part of the chargesheet I’m confident I’ll be proven not guilty.”

Rahul Raj says he’s still living in the house where Pratyusha killed herself.  “I haven’t shifted out. I’ve become a wreck waiting for her soul to visit me in our house so I can ask her why she  did this to me.”

He accuses Pratyusha’s parents lawyer of ganging up with them and Pratyusha’s  publicity seeking friends.  “I’ve already sent defamation notices to their lawyer and to (actress)Kamya Punjabi.I’ve filed cases against them in my home-town Ranchi.These people getting together after Pratyusha’s death was no coincidence. This was pre-emptive action to save their skin. Pratyusha’s parents knew that if there would be an investigation into her death it would be  very clear that it’s the parents who are to blame. Mujhe phasa diya beechmein(I was made a scapegoat).But I won’t be cowed down. Lies cannot defeat the truth.”


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