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Rai Laxmi: Who Leaked The Love-Making Scenes?



In this week’s release Julie 2,in a love affair replicating the alleged  real-life liaison between actress Nagma   and ace-cricketer Sourav  Ganguly, there is  a scene of lovemaking between the actress played by Rai Laxmi and  the  cricketer  ,as  enacted  by tv actor Saahil  .

That  sequence  of torrid intimacy  found its way on the net  a day prior  to  the release.

Rai Laxmi says  she is shocked  by  the leakage. “Who does these things? Why do only  intimate scenes get leaked  on  the internet? I was  very upset because the  scenes leaked also feature shots that were deleted  from the edited version that went on screen. Not everything that is shot during a  love-making scene turns out aesthetically. Those who  do these things(piracy) don’t seem to understand  the effort that  goes into doing such scenes.”

Rai Laxmi  wants  legal action to be taken against the  people responsible for the leakage. “The  producers promised  to  take action. But I don’t know what’s  being done.”

Coincidentally Rai Laxmi herself was in  a relationship with  a cricketer M S Dhoni,just like her character  in  Julie 2.

“That’s not the coincidence  I’d like to dwell on. I’d rather marvel at the coincidence of me having done Julie 2 in three languages, just like  my illustrious namesake the legendary Malayalam actress Laxmi who did a  film called Julie in  several languages  in  the 1970s. In fact the Hindi version of Laxmiji’s  Julie introduced Sridevi to Hindi cinema,” says  RaiLaxmi proudly.

Rai Laxmi is kicked  by the release of Julie 2 on many  counts. “It is  my first  release  Hindi. And  the Telugu film industry is very happy for me. In fact Chiranjeevi Sir  posted a message  on Twitter wishing me all the best. I couldn’t have hoped  for  a better start in Hindi.”

She says her experiences in South Indian cinema have always been  happy  experiences. “Whether  it’s Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu cinema, I’ve always been treated with  a lot of respect by all the  film industries and my co-stars. I hope I get the same in Bollywood.”

She  is proud to say she has spoken her dialogues in  Hindi.  “There  is that South Indian twang  audible  in  my Hindi.  But my director Deepak Shivdasaniji says that’s a good omen. Because Hema  Maliniji and Srideviji still have that  twang in their Hindi.”

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