Rajinikanth Not Joining Politics, Says Pahlaj Nihalani

Slamming reports of Rajinikanth being inducted into the BharatiyaJanta Party  producerand CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani debunks the entire speculation on the actor’s political manoeuvres.

Says Nihalani, “Will he, won’t he? Such a useless debate. Rajini​ji​will never join politics. He is totally against actors going into politics. In fact when I told Rajini​ji ​about his colleague and dear friend Shatrughan Sinha’s plans to join politics in 2009  Rajini​ji​ was very disturbed. He tried his best to dissuade  Shatrughan Sinha from joining politics. He felt Shatruji’s fans would feel  cheated.Likewise Mr Bachchan when he joined politics Rajini Sir was very disturbed. ‘Why must a superstar of his stature go into politics?’ he  asked repeatedly.”

Nihalani completely  rules out a political career for  Rajinikanth.  “Rajini​ji’s​ family  thinks he is too innocent to understand politics. He has got​ feelers from all the parties. But he  is not getting into politics.”

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