Rajit Kapoor Plays PM Modi In URI

 The  surprise casting  of the very talented Rajit Kapoor(of  Byomkesh Bakshi fame, last seen as Alia Bhatt’s father in  Raazi) as Prime  Minister Narendra  Modi is a  master-stroke.

In a season saturated  with real-life  political figures  on screen  Rajit not only captures the  essence of the man,he also gets the oratorical powers  of  Mr Modi completely  in place.

The actor who has consistently given brilliant performances  over the years in films such as Suraj Ka Satwan Ghoda,  The Making Of  The Mahatma(where Rajit played Mahatma Gandhi) and several other  films  directed  by Shyam Benegal , says he wanted  to make sure he didn’t imitate the Prime  Minister. “Yes I play Prime  Minister Modi in  Aditya Dhar’s Uri. I wanted  to stay away from imitating or caricaturing  him. This is what happens when  real-life political figures are played in most cases. There is  more imitation than  absorption  of  the character traits.”

    Rajat is looking forward to seeing how much of the real  Modi he has got  on the screen “I haven’t seen  the  film yet. Let’s see how my character  has shaped  up.The aspect of PM Modi that  the public  knows is that  of the orator. I’ve attempted  to portray the thinker and  the planner  in him.”

Rajat says he  never had any hesitation  in taking  up the role.  “The challenge was  never to imitate but to get Modiji’s mindset and  his attitude right.Once I got a hang of those everything else followed.”

Rajat, however, feels  another actor is  more qualified  to play the Prime Minister. “Culturally and  physically Paresh Rawal is closer to Modiji than I am. I mean many actors can attempt him….and why not  as it would be challenging for any actor.ButParesh’s body type , the fact they come from the same state make him extremely suitable . And of course he being a brilliant actor will get the nuances worked out well.”

Is Vivek Oberoi listening?
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