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Rajkummar Rao Breaks Down At Trailer launch



There is nothing made in  china about Made In China. It is  straightaway  one  of those clever  urbane comedies where  sexual innuendos  are  used  in a  decent way  not to simulate sleaze  but to create an aura of  mishchief.  The hero  wants to get rich selling Viagara-styled aphrodisiacs to the Chinese and that’s pretty  much a tough call considering what shrewd  entrepreneurs  the Chinese are  supposed to be.

There are  digs at  the  Chinese quickie consumerist culture which I am  sure will be taken in the right spirit  by the Chinese. Unlike us, they have a  sense  of  humour. 

There  is  a refreshingly candid  conversation  between  husband and  wife Raj Kummar Rao and Mouni Roy where he eagerly if somewhat shyly asks the question most husbands are afraid to ask. Is  she happy with  their sex life?

 “Am I able to  take you from the ground floor to the top floor?” Raj asks  with a goofy grin.

Rao has a whale of a  time with his  Gujarati accent. I  do hope the Gujjus  have as much  of a sense  of humour as  the Chinese. Speaking of  the  all-powerful  Gujjus, good to see Paresh Rawalback on screen giving Rao  entrepreneurial wisdom about the  customer being a “Chutiya” and the day  Rao finds the key to the lock that the customer wants opened, he’d be a successful entrepreneur.

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