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Rajneesh Related Films Doomed, Priyanka’s Ma Sheela On Backburner



 It was  with considerable  excitement that Priyanka Chopra had last year  announced  a bio-pic  on Osho Rajneesh’s trusted lieutenant and  right-hand woman Ma Sheela. Often known as  the  power behind the throne,Ma Sheela  makes for fascinating bio-pic material.And when  Priyanka announced her decision  to play Ma Sheela in a film to be directed  by the Oscar winning  director Barry Levinson our curiosity was  piqued.

Not much has been heard of  that project since  its announcement a  year back.Sources say Priyanka  is right now looking at starting a family and  another film.Also, Ma Sheela is way too controversial and allegedly  wants creative control over Ms Chopra-Jonas’ project.

So where  does that leave  Maa Sheela? In the hands of Karan Johar,  perhaps?  The  enterprising Karan  had  interviewed Ma Sheela recently for Netflix. One doesn’t know when that  interview  would be aired since Karan  received a flurry of flak for fraternizing with the controversial  lady.

 In  the meanwhile Netflix has also announced a documentary  on Ma Sheela along with Karan  Johar as  co-producer.

 In fact Karan Johar’s  fascination with Ma Sheela and  her mentor Rajneesh seems  relentless. He was  all set to produce a film on Rajneesh to be  directed by Shakun Batra, Aamir Khan was to play the controversial Rajneesh while Karan Johar’s blue-eyed  girl Alia Bhatt was  all set to portray Ma Sheela.

 That  project too was aborted. So  is there a jinx on all films pertaining to Osho and his beloved disciple? We wouldn’t really know  until Priyanka  officially relinquishes   the  right to  make  the  film on Ma Sheela.

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