Rajnikanth To Be Aided By Daughter Sondarya In Politics

What does Rajinikanth want to do with and in Tamil Nadu politics? Other than inform the nation and its favourite seers  that he intends to practice “spiritual  politics”( a term that has  left all his colleagues and observers baffled and stumped) there  is  no clear-cut policy , not even  a  name for a political  party.Is there a political  party at all that Rajini  wants  to  initiate? Or  is he still meditating over the  possibilities? Spiritual awakening awaited.

A   source very close  to the actor-turning-politician says Rajinikanth is  currently in the process of  concreting his plans.

“He is gone off on his annual  pilgrimage for  15 days which  political observers are connecting to his political plans. This is  not the case at all. Rajiniundertakes a teerth yatra every year. And it’s no different  this year. He is giving the impression that he  will make big announcements about his political plans when he returns from the pilgrimage when in  truth there is no plan yet,” says a  source  .

 Apparently the one thing that we  can expect  from Rajiniknath’s politics if and when he actually announces   the name  of a  political party. is his elder daughter Sondarya’s  active participation  in her  Pa’s political plans.

“Soundrya will be Rajini’s right-hand person. She will be the go-to person for all political  queries regarding  Rajinikant.She will handle all the day-to-day political activities and all the liaison work, almost like Indira to Jawaharlal Nehru.”

The  possibility  of  a coalition with  colleague  Kamal Haasan is  also “very strong”.

Says a source  close to Kamal Haasan, “Kamal says his chosen colour for  politics is not saffron. Rajini seems  unsure of what his  chosen colour is. But he has foorprinted his  politics on M G Ramachandran which means  Rajini will continue to  act in films, though not as  frequently as earlier.”

In  an interview to this writer  some time ago Sondarya Rajnikanth  had spoken of her father’s career plans. “My Dad never made any career plans. He is a very simple human being. He never forgot  where he came from. As his children, my sister Aishwarya and I learnt this from him, to never forget our roots. With our Dad there are no two faces. What you see  is what you he is.Whether it’s a fan or a producer, he treats them all the same. He has been down to earth all his life.He will never change.”

  But change, as all know, is  the only constant in  politics.If Rajinikanth will practice  the  politics of  his cinema or  use politics as  an extension of celluloid image,  he won’t achieve  the same success as  M G Ramachandran. The demography  of the Tamil  vote bank has changed. The average  voter doesn’t believe  in the things that an actor, no matter how popular or influential, is seen  doing on screen. He has to prove  his worth in the political arena from scratch.

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