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Has Rajnikanth’s Kabaali Copied Irrfan’s Poster?

Irrfan Khan minced no words when at an event to promote  his new film the thriller Madaari he accused the makers of the new Rajnikant opus Kabali of “stealing” the Madaari poster idea.

“But it’s okay, chalta hai. Such things happen,” says Irrfan.

However Rajnikanth’s huge fan club has not taken too kindly to Irrfan’s accusation of plagiarism.  A source close to Rajnikanth says, “We respect Irrfanji as an actor. But he needs to understand that Rajni Sir’s films don’t need to borrow ideas from anywhere. They create trends not follow them.”

However the Madaari director Nishikant Kamat is unconvinced that the striking similarities between the two posters are a mere coincidence.

Says Nishikant, “I just came to know about the poster similarity.What can I say? I’ve made many re-makes in my career as a director. But I always took permission from the original source.”



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