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Raju Shrivastava Slams Krushna Abhishek



After reading  comedian Krushna Abhishek’s defence  of  Bharati Singh and his tirade against Raju Shrivastava, Raju says he  is dumbstuck by the line of defence  assumed  on Bharati’s friends.

“When Krushna says  he stands  by Bharati, does he mean he defends her for taking drugs? Is that the kind of  image that  he wants to project  of  the comedy community  , as stands-ups who stand  up in defence  of  drug consumption?”

Raju says  he  spoke up against Bharati and her husband’s  substance abuse only after she spoke about it. “Bharati confessed to  the charge and  the NCB found  drugs  on her  home. Only then I reprimanded  her as an elder  member of the comedy fraternity. Should I not  pull up an wrongdoer in our community? Should I instead defend  the wrongdoers’ deed?Or,  have Krushna  and Bharati become such big performers that I can’t criticize them ? ”

Raju wonders  about Krushna Abhishek’s statement that the entire team of The Kapil Sharma Show is angry with him. “Krushna says  they are all naraaz with me. Am I  to presume that he’s speaking on  behalf  of all the actors  on the show? Or is he  lashing  out at me and  pulling all the others into his arguments? Mujhe toh kissine nahin kaha ke wohnaraaz hai? And why should they be angry with me? Maine  kya ghalat kiya hai? When Sanjay Dutt confessed  to drug consumption  did  the  film  industry defend him  ? Maine toh Bharati  ki bhalai ke liye kaha(I spoke  out  for Bharati’s good).”

What  of  Krushna’s  statement saying Raju Shrivastava  shouldn’t have spoken? “I’ve every  right to speak.Johnny Lever  Bhai also reprimanded Bharati for the  drug allegation,  no one has pointed an  accusing finger at him. Let Bharati deny  the charge,and I will admit I  shouldn’t have spoken.”

I tried repeatedly to get  in touch with Krushna  Abhishek . He  didn’t respond.

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