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Rakesh Roshan Says He Is Yet To Lock In On Krissh 4 Script



Rakesh Roshan

The hunt for an  exciting script for the  fourth instalment of the Krissh franchise is  still on. The  team of  writers are  still on look-out for the perfect  fit.

“We  have  a couple  of ideas.We know what we want to do  in Krissh 4 and it will be nothing  like what we have already done in the first three Krissh films,” reveals  Rakesh Roshan.

“Since we did Krissh 3, the audience has matured. They are exposed to the best cinema  all over the world. We cannot given them an  experience  that is  not on a par with  what they see in cinema in  the rest  of the world,” says Rakesh Roshan.

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