Rakhi Sawant Hits Back At Tanushree Dutta With A 50-Crore defamation

It looks  a  new war has  begun in the  entertainment.Rakhi Sawant who  has been sued for defamation by Tanushree Dutta , is all  set  to hit back  bigtime.

Says  Rakhi, “10 crores? Please tell  Tanushree Dutta to deposit ten percent  of that amount  in the court. I do hope she knows  the rule for defamation cases?  Considering the  number of  cases she is going to be involved with  she had better know the ground rules. If she’s  suing for 10 crores then I am suing her for Rs 50 crores  for calling me a lower-class  girl..When  I replaced her in Horn OkPlease she said she was replaced by a low-class girl. How can she talk like that about me? The  class system  is abolished in India.”

Rakhi also takes umbrage to  Tanushree’s other alleged remarks about others. “She has insulted Raj Thackeray, Nana Patekar,Ganesh Acharya and me. Who is  she to pass derogatory comments about us? I will take action against her. I am suing  her for 50 crores.”

Reminiscing about her old association with Tanushree , Rakhi Sawant says, “Even before I  took over  the  controversial song from her (in the  film Horn Ok Please) we used  to hang out together. She has taken me to several rave parties. Ab maza ayegashe has been playing the  ‘Hashtag MeToo’ game, trying to generate controversies. She has falsely accused  respected  people. Now she will pay. Wohmujhe court mein  legi main ussey court mein lungi. Ab hum donon court-court khelenge.RakhiSawant is Maharashtra Ki Mulgi. Tanushree Dutta can’t scare her.”

Adds Rakhi, “She couldn’t get anything out of Raj Thackeray or Nana Patekar so she  decided  to get something  out of  RakhiSawant. She  has been constantly having me threatened and abused by goondas. She says  you have to support the MeToomovement  or  I won’t let you live in peace.Why should we only support women only on the  sexual harassment  issue? I support men too. Look at Shekhar Suman’s son and Hrithik Roshan. They’ve both been  abused by a celebrity woman. No one in the media has  pulled  up that famous woman  for harassment.Why are we only judging men in this so-called Movement?”

Rakhi Sawant’s final words. “I am not scared  of  Tanushree Dutta. Bring her  on. I  kept quiet about what she did to me  at a   rave part ten  years ago. Now I will expose her. Rakhi Sawant is not scared of  anyone. Tanushree has created a stink acrossBollywood. Young aspiring girls are likely to be jobless  because  of Tanushree Dutta.I am ready to take her on.”

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