Rakhi Sawant’s Big Husband Hoax

 Even  for all those who enjoy Rakhi Sawan’s  antics, her latest  husband stunt is  a bit too much  to digest.It’s not surprising   that  Rakhi Sawant tries  to take the  media for  a ride over and  over again. What is surprising is that a section of  the  media gets taken in each time.

Ms Sawant  has declared herself married at least  four times  in the past.The last ‘marriage’ was to a Pakistani  stand-up comedian who was apparently too gay to be any woman’s bridegroom.

Then  in August 2019 Ms Sawant  was  at it again. This time she claimed she was  married at  the Marriott hotel  on July 28 to an  ‘NRI’. However  a cursory  check at  the venue  would show there was  no wedding  , certainly not Rakhi Sawant’s,  on  the aforementioned  date.

After reading  about her most  ‘marriage’ I had  sent  a congratulatory  message  to Ms Sawant .She replied with a coy thanks. Then I asked who  the lucky guy was .She responded  by saying that she can’t reveal his name. Immediately after this, she sent  a voice message saying, his name  is Ritesh,and  that if I interviewed her she would reply  to all my questions.

Significantly  there is not one picture  of  Ms Sawant’s supposed husband ‘Ritesh’ anywhere.

On  18 June 2020 when I  again asked her if she is married Ms Sawant categorically replied she was  not.

 Evidently  this is one  more hoax attempt by the queen of self-generated  controversies  to  stay in the news  by the most unabashed attention-seeker  in  the Indian  entertainment  industry.

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