Ram Gopal Varma Talks Twitter With Subhash K Jha

What prompted you to return to twitter ?

When I stopped tweeting I had got bored with being on twitter and got off and now I got bored of not being on twitter and I got on

Again you are back to being provocative and bitchy is that again going to be your USP?

Neither a tiger changes its stripes nor a snake changes its fangs and whether that’s my USP or not that’s me

Why is your first tweet so aggressive in challenging Pavan Kalyan to get into politics?

I was not challenging ..just suggesting

You seem very sure that Rajinikanth will make an impact in politics what makes you so sure  ?!

I am not just sure but I am convinced that Rajni will sweep the elections and no other party will get even one vote

Do you genuinely feels Rajini has a bright future in politics and Pavan doesn’t ?

I never said PK doesn’t have ..All I said is he should show the same courage and confidence like Rajini

Do you see a  MGR-Karunanidhi kind of clash between Rajini and Kamal?

They belong to two different states and so the comparison is misplaced

How is your NTR biopic progressing?

It’s timed for release before the next election

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