Ranbir Kapoor To Marry, A Delhi Bahu For Rishi & Neetu?

By A Correspondent

Not much is being heard or seen of Ranbir Kapoor these days. People close to him say the actor has decided to maintain a low profile until his next film is released.

And no one is really sure of when that would be.

However  if sources close to Ranbir are to be believed, his folks specially his mom is keen to see him marry, and are on the look-out for a suitable match.

Says the source, “Ranbir is now over 30, and shows no inclination to find his own life partner. His parents  gave him full freedom to choose whoever he wishes. But this freedom has not yielded any practical results.Ranbir is now stubbornly single and disinclined to get into another relationship. His parents have now taken on themselves the task of finding him a wife.”

Apparently the search is on far away from the entertainment hub in Mumbai, in Delhi where Ranbir’s sister is  blissfully married.

Says the source, “With their daughter’s help Rishi and neetu Kapoor are drawing up a list of prospective brides for their son.”

If this works out it would be the second Bollywood A-list hero after Shahid kapoor to go for an arranged marriage .  Both the stars  went through a series of failed relationships with actresses-costars.

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