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Ranbir Kapoor Works Out In Sanjay Dutt’s Gym

Everybody’s favourite ‘Baba’ Sanjay Dutt is back to his old ways . And we don’t mean that in a bad way.

Baba, says a very close friend , loves his drinks and polishes off a bottle of whiskey every day. But that’s okay. He doesn’t get abusive , as reported in a  section of the press. In fact he  loves his friends now more than ever before after prolonged incarceration .Friends drop in at his Pali Hill residence unannounced,chat till the wee hours, stay for dinner, then chat again.

Says the pal affectionately, “Baba doesn’t want his friends to  leave when they visit him.Maanyata runs an open house and a round-the-clock kitchen. No one who drops in during the evening is allowed to leave without dinner.”

One regular at the Dutt household is Ranbir Kapoor who will soon be playing Sanjay Duttin Raj Kumar Hirani’s biopic entitled Dutt.

Apparently Ranbir is busy picking Dutt’s brain to get the part right.

Says Dutt’s buddy, “Ranbir spends a  lot of time at Baba’s residence. He works out in Baba’s gym. And then they talk . Ranbir  tries to get a hang of Dutt’s life. Dutt is letting Ranbir into his darkest secrets.Ranbir is not sure of what he can do with all that information.But he enjoys the process of getting to know Sanjay Dutt before he starts shooting for Dutt.”


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