Ranbir Kapoor To Move Back In With His Parents


The  split between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif has again brought him closer to his parents.

While Ranbir has for now moved out of the pad that he had moved into with Katrina and is now staying alone in a rented place, it is learnt from sources close to Ranbir that the young actor eventually intends to move back into the family bungalow Krisha Raj with his parents.

Says the source, “Right now the Kapoors’ lives are in a flux. Rishi and Neetu will soon be shifting out of their residence as it will be undergoing massive renovation. Once the renovation of Krishna Raj is done Rishi , Neetuand Ranbir will move in back together.”

About Ranbir’s ruptured relationship with Katrina the source says, “Ranbir’s parents have never interfered with his life. He is free to lead it the way he wants. It is a fallacy that Neetuji had anything to do with Ranbir’s latest breakup. Both Rishiji and Neetuji are happy as long as their children are happy in life.”

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