Ranbir Kapoor Versus Ranveer Singh At The Boxoffice

With Raj Kumar Hirani’s Sanju  joining Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat as the second 300-crore profit earner of 2018, it’s time for the  film trade to pitch the two ‘Ran’s of Bollywood against one another.

According to trade  experts  Ranbir Kappor’s recent spate of flops have been  wiped off  with the stupendous  success of Sanju. Ironically, Ranveer Singh  was  the  first choice  for Sanju.  Producer  Vinod Chopra has  gone  on-record to  admit he  wanted Ranveer and  not Ranbir.

Likewise  Ranbir would have been  Sanjay Bhansali’s Allauddin Khilji in Padmaavat  if he hadn’t broken ties  with his mentor after Saawariya.

Bhansali  offered  all  his post-Saawariya films to Ranbir who  turned them down.He even told  his close  friends he would  “never”  work  with  Bhansali again.

Ranbir’s  loss was Ranveer’s gain.

But  now with Ranbir regaining  boxoffice ground with Sanju  the  rivalry is no longer only between Ranbir andRanveer. It has moved  on to Bhansali and Hirani with opinion divided on  which of  the two filmmakers  is the most successful director  of  the moment.

Don’t be surprised  if their next project  switches heroes.

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