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Ranveer Singh: ‘I had an extra bit of fascination for Freddie’

Ranveer Singh recently paid tribute to the musician in Switzerland

Ranveer Singh, who is currently in Switzerland, visited the famous bronze statue of iconic British musician Freddie Mercury. The actor even dressed like him sporting a bright yellow jacket in military style, white shirt and trousers with red and gold piping, and posed in a similar manner. It was Ranveer’s way of paying tribute to the lead vocalist of the rock band, Queen.

The star recalls that as a kid, he would listen to a lot of his songs, “My parents were big fans of Queen, and they never missed an opportunity to instill that sense of pride in me saying ‘Do you know the legendary rockstar’s formative years were spent in India?’ So, I had that extra bit of fascination for Freddie Mercury,” reveals Ranveer whose favourite Queen songs are, We Are The Champions, I Want To Break Free and Living On My Own.”

“I remember when the electronic version of his songs released, it completely blew my mind. That was my earliest memory of listening to that sound in music. I used to be glued to the music channels and would love watching him perform. As a performer, he was a supernova, someone who exuded a unique energy that had no match.”

The Padmaavat actor calls Freddie a true-blue rockstar, especially “the way he had thousands of people eating out of his palm”. He adds that it was a very special feeling to visit Montreux studio and be so close to his memorabilia. “He was a true artiste who inspires me greatly,” the actor signs off.


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