Ranveer Singh To Replace Abhishek Bachchan In The Dhoom Series?


By  A  Correspondent

While over the years there have been seismic changes in the caste profile of the Dhoom franchise ever since it started in 2004, the two constant actor-factors in the series were Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra who played the cop Jai Dixit and his sidekick Ali.

Now after three films Abhishek has decided to say goodbye to the series. Apparently he was acutely unhappy with the way his role had shaped up in Dhoom 3.

Says a source, “Many of Abhishek’s  important scenes were chopped off from Dhoom 3. The climax was completely changed without his knowledge. He made his displeasure very clear to Aditya Chopra and also stated in no uncertain terms that his presence in the next Dhoom film would depend entirely on the length and impact of his role.”

Apparently Adi has now asked his current blue-eyed boy Ranveer Singh to step into Inspector Jai Dixit’s role inDhoom 4.

Ranveer who is currently being directed by his mentor Adi Chopra in Befikre has  apparently  given his eager nod.

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