Ranveer Singh To Turn Composer For Zoya Akhtar

Big Broadway-styled musicals seem to be in vogue once again in Bollywood . After Jagga Jasoos which is a full-fledged musical with no spoken lines, we will now be seeing  another broad-spectrum musical in ZoyaAkhtar’s Gully Boyz, a film about streets rappers .

It is no coincidence that Zoya has chosen Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt as the lead in Gully Boyz.

“The lead is required to do extensive singing,” reveals a source very close to the musical project. “Zoya was very sure that she wanted Ranveer and Alia because they both have singing voices. She also needed her leading man to be a rapper and we all know Ranveer can rap at will at the sanp of a finger.”

Ranveer, we are told, would also be doing his own self-composed rapping.

Says the source, “Zoya will give Ranveer a free hand. Gully Boyz will have a very informal almost casual highly improvisational  music score by many different musicians including Ranveer.He will be composing a lot of his own lines.”

And yes, Alia and Ranveer will be singing together too.

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