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Ranveer Singh Ups His Price

That Ranveer Singh’s career has gone to the next level after Bajirao Mastani is very clear for all to see.The actor has now hiked his fee, reportedly to double of what it used to be.

But over and above his fee for his films Ranveer has also upped his fee for his endorsements and his stage shows.

In fact this awards season Ranveer made a killing with his live performances.


Says a source in the know, “Ranveer charged Rs 2 crores, a little less than what Shah RukhKhan charges , for every stage performance. And since he performed at almost every stage performance this season , you can easily figure out how much money he accrued through his live shows at the awards this year.”

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According to sources Ranveer’s equity has “shot through the sky” after Bajirao Mastani. We can  prepare for another financial boom in the young actor’s career as he is all set to star again  in Sanjay Bhansali’s next along with a senior superstar.




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