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Rape Charge Against Producer Karim Morani “False & Bogus”, Says His Spokesperson

While the Hyderabad police has registered a rape case against producer and events organizer Karim Morani, his spokesperson has issued a strongly worded denial stating, “The complaint is absolutely false and bogus with the sole intention of tarnishing Mr Morani’s reputation and image. Mr Morani will be taking appropriate steps in accordance with law to demonstrate that complaint is malafide. He is truthful and innocent and has full faith in the judiciary and is ready and willing to co-operate with the authorities to the fullest extent.”

This is the second big scandal for Karim Morani. A few years ago he was an accused in the 2G Spectrum scam and was jailed. Out on bail , Karim’s daughter had said to me, “Itaffected me mentally ,God gave me an opportunity and my debut film released but then this happened. I used to get depressed thinking that I’ve just thrown away my career and not done anything to work towards it after my release . But I guess God had this in store for me .So be it . I will start working hard now , doesn’t matter.God is doing this to us only because he has loads of happiness in store for us . We were just paying karma for the good times to come.”

Tragically, the good times that the dutiful devoted daughter dreamt of never came.As Zoa finds her family thrown into another major crisis she is all set for another legal battle.

Last year after a failed movie career, Zoa had enthusiastically embraced theatre and was gung-ho about an alternative acting career.  “I am very grateful and thankful for the start I got  in Always Kabhi Kabhi.It was a great opportunity but as we all know we can be given a push in the beginning but the rest of our career we’ve got to build on our own and I have learnt that.The film didn’t do well , and it became hard for me to find good work.But I haven’t given up. I love the movies too much. I have faith the right work will come when it’s time. I can wait.”

Now Zoa’s career is likely to be braked a second time by the controversy in her father’s career.

While Zoa refused to comment on the rape charge a family friend says, “This a huge blow for the entire family. The Moranis are a very closely-knit family. Zoa and her sister Shaza are extremely close to their father and to their uncle Aly Morani whom they call ‘Aly Papa’. When Karim was jailed Zoa had just made her debut. She set aside her career, moved to Delhi with her family and was in and out of court to get her father released. Zoa and her sister didn’t leave their mother’s side  even for a second for the six months when Karim was in jail. This time again Zoa will leave no stone unturned to prove her father’s innocence. Beti ho to aisi.”


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