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Rapper Badshah Gets Rapped By Mumbai Police For Fake Views




As per a 446-page chargesheet prepared  by the Mumbai police, rapper-singer Badshah  paid  Rs 74 lakhs to  get 72 lakh views for one  of  his videos.

Musicians  who do not want to be named,  say there is nothing unusual about  entertainers   in Mumbai  resorting to fakeviews.

“It is a  big-time racket,  I don’t know why it’s  such a surprise  to everyone. Or why Badshah is getting called  out for doing it. 70 percent of the entertainers  in Mumbai  increase  the views artificially  on  social media. Why pick on  Badshah?” a leading  musician in  Mumbai wants to  know.

“It’s  a pandemic of its own,” another  middleaged musician says about  paid views for  music videos. “Lakhs , sometimes crores are paid to increase the number of views. And  why just the videos?  Celebrities in  the entertainment  business pay digital professionals  in lakhs to  increase their followers  on Instagram and Twitter. This helps them  acquire  more  power as  influencers.”

Badshah, in the meanwhile, has a lot  of support  from his colleagues  in  the music and film fraternity. He is a well-liked guy. A  regular bloke. No one has an unkind word  for him.

A  section of  the  entertainment industry see  Badshah’s  case as one more unfair targeting for prevalent unfair practices.

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