Raveena Tandon ​Breaks Down While Dubbing For Rape Film​

In  her forthcoming film Maatr, Raveena Tandon takes on the subject of rape with a brutal force.The film lays open some ugly truth about the way the judicial system fails a rape  victim.

​The experience  of working in the film has left her so shaken she had a tough time dubbing her lines.​

Says  the actress, “​Some portions of the film are so stark real and brutal

​I​ had a tough time ​watching myself on screen.​

I  couldn’t immediately  dub my lines while watching what we’ve shot. It is so real and disturbing.I had to stop,gather my strength and return.”

​Raveena has earlier done  a film on marital rape Kalpana Lajmi’sDaman for which the actress won the National award .​

Says Raveena emotionally, “This is a topic I feel very strongly about.I’ve three daughters(two of them are adoptive) and I worry about their safety constantly.And why just daughters? Are sons safe any more? Is anyone safe any longer?

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