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Raveena Tandon Versus  Sushmita On  December 10



Raveena Tandon

If you  thought  the  cinema  and its boxoffice  was  where all the competition happened, you   have another ‘think’ coming.

It’s Raveena Tandon Thadani  versus  Sushmita Sen on the streaming  platform on December 10 when  Raveena’s Aranyak and Sushmita’s Aarya Season  2 will start stream  simultaneously  on  Netflix and Disney-Hotstar,respectively.

Please note, even the titles of  the two ladies’ specials  Aranyak and  Aarya  sound similar. They are  both about two strong powerful  female heroes played by  two of Bollywood’s  long-lasting screen queens  Sushmita and   Raveena.Both are  working mothers  , roles that they play  in their respective  high-budgeted serials.

While Raveena plays a gritty  real cop, Sushmita is cast as  a ganglord’s wife  forced to take  over her  husband’s empire.

A  source  from one  of the two streaming giants pitching the two screens divas against  one another  on December 10 tells me, “It was  planned this way. The two hot glam-queens of the 1990s, now the  hottest  yummy mummys of  Bollywood in  a pitched battle to the finish. It reminds us of all those  feverish Friday fights  at  the  boxoffice.”

And may  the  best woman win.

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