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Ravi Kissan: “ I’m So Proud That My Daughter’s Debut Role Is A Bihari”



Actor-parliamentarian Ravi Kissan’s daughter Riva  is  all set to make her debut in January 2020 with  the film Sab Kushal Mangal.

She has her  father’s  wholehearted support.

“But I don’t have  the  time to  promote her. As  BJP’s  elected  Lok Sabha  member  from Gorakhpur my hands are  full. This, in a way  is a blessing. I want Riva to  find her place in  the  film industry on her own  steam , just  like her father.I’m proud to say she has  got her first  film on her own merit,”says  Ravi proudly.

The father  is prouder still  about the fact that Riva is a trained actor. “When she decided to  be an actor she decided to train under Naseer Saab in his theatre  group, then with Naseer Saab’s daughter Heeba.Then she went  to Los Angeles on her own to learn  acting for a year. When  she bagged her  first film Sab  Kushal  Mangal  I was so happy to  know she’s  playing a  Bihari. My  career in  Bhojpuri cinema was  based on my fan following in  UP and Bihar.”

Ravi sent  off his  daughter  to  a remote village  to  prepare  for her character.  “She went on her own, stayed  in the village for three months,  and  got into character.My daughter is a warrior, just like  me. Riva will remind  the audience  of Kajol. I am so proud of her.”

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