Ravi Teja On Why He Is Back With 2 Back-to-Back Films

Telugu cinema’s Masala Raja is back after a brief pause. He has begun shooting for two back-to-back films , both of which he will complete and released this year.

Explaining the  crowded calendar in his career Ravi taking time off from his double-shooting schedule said, “My last release was Bengal Tiger which was an out-and-out masala film. After that I didn’t take on any offer for more than a  year. The scripts that came to me were not to my liking.”

Suddenly things changed. “I heard the script of Touch Chesi Chuduand Raja The Great.And both were great ideas!I didn’t want to let go either. So I said yes to both.”

But hasn’t Ravi made it very clear he will not take  on more than one assignment at a time? “I have and I did. That’s the work method followed by actors in Bollywood and here in Telugu cinema. But like I said, I liked both the films. So why should I not say yes to both when I’ve said no to so many scripts recently?Also, it isn’t as if I am shooting both together. Most of the shooting for Touch Chesi Chuduwill be over by March when I  go into Raja The Great.”

Ravi is excited about Touch Chesi Chudu. “I am working with a new director Vikram Sirikonda.It is exciting to create cinema with new talent. Vikram is a writer first, now  a director. I like working with writers-turned-directors. They know how to visualize scripts in the best possible way.Vikram has new ideas about entertainment which I am sure will take Telugu cinema ahead.”

There were recent reports of  of one the film’s heroines LavanyaTripathi walking out . But Ravi says he has no idea of this. “As far as I know  only one heroine has been signed so far.We’re still looking for the other heroine.”

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