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Ravi Tejaa: “I Want To Do A Bollywood Film Like Ki & Ka”

 After the pan-India success of Baahubali  Telugu cinema is on the pan-India map. 

Andhra superstar Ravi Teja  has been constantly getting offers from Bollywood . But he  seems to have learnt his lesson from Pawan Kalyan and his misadventure in Bollywood with Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Carrying  Telugu cinema to Bollywood won’t work.


“I speak fluent Hindi. In fact I speak better Hindi than Telugu. But Telugu cinema is my home ground. I am in no hurry to try and conquer Bollywood . It would take a lot more than just a script that extends what I do in Telugu cinema  to take me to Mumbai,” says Ravi.

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The Telugu superstar known as the Mass Maharaja  in Andhra Pradesh says he would love to something out-of-the-box in Hindi. “Something like  Balki’s Ki & Ka or Karan Johar’sKapoor & Sons.  If I’ve to continue doing action and comedy I’d rather do it on my own home ground.”


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