The Reason Why Rajinikanth’s 2:0 Is Delayed Again

When Shankar’s eagerly awaited 2:0 the  sequel to  Robot was shifted from Jan 26 , 2018 to April  27 , it was  said the the  other Akshay Kumar starrer PadMan’s presence  during the same week pushed  2: 0 forward.

This was untrue . 2: 0 was pushed forward as  the special effects were not ready. It has again been  pushed forward  from April 27 to an undecided date for the same reason ,and this time replaced by another Rajinikanth starrer  Kaala.

So what  is the problem with 2: 0 and why the endless delay?

 A source  close to the film reveals, “Things began going wrong with  2: 0   after the American digital company that was given the task of doing the VFX goofed up and declared itself bankrupt. The entire 3D and other effects had to be done  again. But  in spite of burning the  midnight they could not seem to  meet their  new target  of releasing  on April 27.”

The  latest  information filtering out of the 2: 0  unit  is  not very encouraging.Apparently the 3D and  other VFX are not shaping up to the satisfaction of  the team.

“They are  doing their best.And they do not want to compromise on the post-production. But the financial setback that they faced when the American  company goofed  up the 3D  has been  a hard blow to withstand. The film has gone grossly over-budget. The main actorsRajnikanth and Akshay Kumar have moved on.  It looks  like it would be  a while before the film is completed and  released,” says a source.

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