Rekha: I don’t believe In birthdays

The ageless  Rekha  who turns 63 on October 10 doesn’t make any  birthday plans  .

 “Why just  one particular day?  I don’t believe in  celebrating life on Diwali, Eid, Christmas or birthdays. For me  every single day is a blessing and a boon. And I want to squeeze every  drop of life  out of every single day.”

 The diva feels she’s born-anew  every day. “Every night when you sleep you are dying for the day, only to wake  up the next morning with a  new life. Hence  every day is an udhar. Because you never know  about  the  next moment. You can be  on the set shooting a rain sequence , and  you can be  electrocuted.”

She shares her birthday with a whole lot of fellow-librans including  Amitabh BachchanHema MaliniSimi Garewal. Coincidentally she has shared a professional or personal affinity with all these.

    “And why just these names? What about Bhaijaan(Mehmood)….and so many others  who  are born  under the same star-sign. But I don’t believe in star  signs and  horoscopes.  I feel I’m bonded  with the whole universe.”

  So how does the ageless diva feel about growing a year  older? “Funny  that you call me ageless. Ironically birthdays are  about  age  .  And  that’s one aspect  of life that I do not associate with life.  If anything birthdays should be a reminder that there’s so much more in   life to explore,  and so much  magic waiting to happen. I’d rather spend  each day of my life trying to correct  the mistakes and improving the quality  of  my existence rather than  cutting a cake, and whooping  it up. According to me every day is reason  to  blessing and  a reason to celebrate.”

  Her one  birthday wish.   “I only want  to  speak if what I   says makes the other person feel good. Otherwise  I might as well shut up.  We all need  to get  a life of our own and set our house on order.  Do I really have  the time  to criticize others when I’d rather improve  myself?   Life has so much  to  offer.  There’s no need  to abuse it.  You’ve to make your  list  of  dos and don’ts.  A successful life isn’t to be  measured by how  many  successful films you’ve  done  and how much money you’ve accumulated  in your bank account.  It’s to do with  the number of smiles you’ve brought on  faces, including  your own.”

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