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Relax, Zatherine Zata Jones Is Talking About Another Om Shanti Om(Anil Kapoor Takes Tips From Sonam)



When Anil  Kapoor conversed  with Catherine  Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas at the Hindustan Times Summit  in New Delhi last week, the stunner  from the epic musical Chicagoraised quite a  hoopla by  praising  Bollywood cinema and specially Om Shanti Om.

Now everyone has presumed  Ms Zeta-Jones meant  the 2007 Farah  Khan  film. The  Farah camp is infact  was  overjoyed and is said to be preparing a thank you  note to Hollywood’s superstar couple.

But hang on. There seems to be some  confusion here. Apparently Ms Zeta  Jones meant  the song ‘Om Shanti Om’ from Subhash Ghai’s film Karz and  not the film Om Shanti Om directed by Farah Khan.

Says a  source from the HT Summit, “She even hummed the  popular ‘Om Shanti Om’  song composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.So we don’t know why there should be  any confusion. And  let’s be logical.Why would any sane person  single out  the Farah Khan’s film as a Bollywoodfavourite above Mother India or Lagaan, or whatever?”

 In fact Michael Douglas made a sarcastic  remark  about his wife’s ‘Om Shanti Om’  declaration.

“In our home we don’t sing  the usual Christmas songs  for Christmas. We sing  the songs of Om Shanti Om,” drawled Mr Douglas.

I’d say Anil Kapoor who interviewed Ms Zeta-Jones  came far better prepared  than Michael Douglas-Catherine Zeta Jones.  He  questioned  Ms Zeta-Jones on her singing and dancing in the  2002  Broadway-styled Hollywood musical  Chicago, adding with uncharacteristic  humility, “We here in Bollywood  do the dancing without much rehearsals. But you must have rehearsed  really hard  for Chicago.”

For those who are wondering where the selfabsorbed Anil Kapoor got the information on Catherine Zeta Jones, here  is the answer.

Sonam K Ahuja.

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