Resul Pookutty No Longer Uncertain About His US Visit After Trump

 If you are a Muslim or even if you are a brown-skinned Asian this is not a  good time to visit the USA. Post the coronation of Trump, the immigration rules seem to have become much harsher .

Resul who left for the  US on Tuesday night was not sure whether he would be able to  go beyond US immigration in Abu Dhabi.

To his surprise  it was smooth-sailing ,or shall we say smooth flying at the US immigration.

Speaking from  Abu Dhabi Resul said, “It was such a reassuring thing when the immigration officer said, ‘Have a good one, you are safe.’ I must confess I still have trust and belief in the people of America!I didn’t know why I was apprehensive, I have a special status in the US, I think that’s the fear that people in the higher office sends out, their words, gestures, body language, it should be uniting rather than divisive.”

He now looks forward to creating his sound magic in the US. “I am going to be in the US for the next three weeks trying to give a new meaning to all sonic structures we build for Love Sonia in India, with my talented crew!”

Love Soniya has a prolific crew.

Enthuses Resul, “This film is an amalgamation of so many talented people, an India-born US-citizen  director Tabrez Noorani, an Israeli-American producer, the main investor’s from China, an amazing Eastern-European camera man  and an Indian with no fixed address as Sound Designer/mixer(me!) ,an American editor, so many talents are going to collaborate on music now… plus an amazing and impressive Indian and American cast.How much  more diverse you we get? I am heading to the US straight from the revenge-driven Kaabil to a traumatic drama of a little girl in Love Soniya.  I’m amazed at my own luck!




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