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Resul Pookutty Says The Oscar Gave Him Wings To Fly



Resul Pookutty

Refuting claims that  he was  a victim of  the  clannish  gang-like attitude  of  the Mumbai  film industry  Oscar winning  sound designer Resul Pookutty who earlier seemed  to  claim that his Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire deterred  the Mumbai film industry from giving him work,   says  Bollywood  has been  very kind to him.

   Says  Resul, “In no way has  Bollywood been unkind to me.Not at all.They have given  me wings to fly.All my early experiment and thought process to formulate an idea of a “Sound Designer” in films originated and practiced in iHindi cinema with very sensitive artist from here in Bollywood.”

 Resul admits there  was a time when he was less in demand in Bollywood. “During the time I wasn’t invited to do many Hindi films I was busy working in other languages  and countries  that include Scandinavia, Russia, France, Hollywood, UK and other regional cinema.”

 But  he has only words  of  praise  for  Bollywood superstars. “SRK, Hritik, Salman Aamir… I worked with all of them post my Oscars.SRK told me once , ‘Everybody told me you are difficult to work with.But then I thought  people said the same about me  also, then there is something about this guy and I must work with him.I’m happy I did and you created  the best sounding soundscape   for Ra.One.’  I really enjoyed working with him!”

  Resul also has words  of praise for  Aamir and Hrithik. “Aamir was always sensitive towards great sound work.When I worked on Ghajini, he said ‘If everybody in Hindi cinema worked  the way you do, our cinema would be far far different’.Hrithik was the biggest surprise for me. During Kaabil I found a new sound-man in him not just  an actor.His mix notes were fantastic and till now I haven’t worked with another actor who is more  sensitive to sound than him in mainstream Hindi cinema.”

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  Reacting to  A  R  Rahman’s claims of  a gang  obstructing his work in Bollywood, Resul   says, “I don’t know about any such gang .The fact that he said that someone must have really made him feel that way. I think he is beyond all these petty politics of smaller association of people.We are talking about a global icon.”

   Resul ends on a note of praise for Priyanka Chopra. “What Priyanka did is the best thing.She bravely left the country.She will find huge success there! I wish her the same!”