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Revealed: Alia’s Character Is Based On Her Director

Dear Zindagi, Gauri Shinde’s beautifully crafted tale of splintered heart on the mend, has a twist in the tale. Alia Bhatt’s character has been styled after the director Gauri Shinde. Alia’s clothes, hair mannerisms were all  modelled on  her director.

Revealing this for the first time Alia says, “Actually it was Balki(director Gauri Shinde’s husband) who kept pointing  out how much like Gauri I looked. Somewhere we had  consciously or subconsciously borrowed  a lot from Gauri’s wardrobe and mannerisms.”

This is the first film Alia has done with a female director. “And I guess somewhere I was observing her and imbibing her personality. Even the clothes I  wear are what Gauriwears.They were all designed by Gauri and Aki Narula and were inspired by what Gauriwears. It’s what you’d expect a female technician to wear on the sets on Bollywood .”


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