Revealed At Last The Real Budget of 2: 0

We’ve been hearing all kinds of  conflicting reports  about how over-budget Shankar’s Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar magnum opus 2: 0  has undergone.

Now, for the first time, an insider  from this eagerly-awaited  film’s core team reveals the film’s real budget.

“It not all the ridiculous figures being thrown around by  people who have  no idea such things. The actual  overall budget of  2: 0  is  Rs 400 crores, and that too after all the  the VFX being done all over again , since the original VFX were  of very poor quality. Also ,the film is far more expensive  than the usual 3D  films in India. Most films in this country using that format are  first shot  in  2D and then converted to 3D. 2: 0 was shot in 3D,” says  the  source.

The apprehension now is  one of mass acceptability  in the North. Rajinikanth, undoubtedly  the  King  of the South, has  a poor market in the Hindi belt. His  last film Kaala was very poorly received in North India.

This is  where Akshay Kumar comes in. He is a huge draw  for Hindi filmgoers.  But his hideous makeup as  the arch-villain in  2: 0 has not been well received  by his fans.

Apparently Akshayphiles  do not like to see him in perverse prosthetic at all. Vipul Shah’s Action Replay is a case in point. It remains to be seen  if 2: 0 will disprove the doubts of  all the naysayers and become the raging hit its makers want hope and expect it to be.

In the  meanwhile this costly  film has already  recovered  Rs 80 crores by selling its satellite rights.

“Recovery of investment won’t be as difficult for us as  is being made out to be.Yes, 2: 0  is an expensive  film. But  every penny is justified,” says  a source  close  to the  film.

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