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Reviews Of Irrfan’s Inferno Are Out, And The Verdict Is Discouraging

The initial critical verdict on the new Irrfan Khan Hollywood thriller Inferno where he shares screen space with the mighty Tom Hanks seems far from  encouraging.

Leading international critics have slammed Inferno as a film where ,“Absurdity outweighs the thrills in Ron Howard‘s lifeless three-quel, a movie that’s not at all good — but never so bad as to be entertaining.”

The highly regarded British newspaper The Guardian has severely criticized the film describing it  as “horrifically dull.” While Time Out feels “By the end , even Hanks looks a bit bored.”

Alarmingly there is no or little mention of Irrfan Khan in the reviews that have appeared, leading to the apprehension that  Irrfan may have a very small part in the film.

About the Indian fear that his role in Inferno may not be substantial Irrfan protests, “I do not share these misgivings. I am not concerned about the length of the role. For me Inferno was an experience of a lifetime. I got to work with Tom Hanks, which was an incredible learning curve in my career.”

For his admirers  who would like to see more of Irrfan in Inferno the actors warns, “I am not concerned with the mathematics of the footage. I am looking at the experience in its totality.And it was a phenomenal experience.”



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