Rhea Chakraborty Finally Gets Bail, “Please Leave Her In Peace,” Says Shabana Azmi

After a month in  jail  actress Rhea Chakraborty  finally  gets  bail.And her  friends and  supporters in the  film industry, most of  them  unwilling  to  express themselves  on-record, breathed a sigh  of relief.

One  of  her friends  said, “Of course I am  happy that she is out finally.The suffering that her parents  have undergone,imagine both your children in jail, who will compensate  the family for their damages?”

A young actress says the bail is just one babystep in  Rhea’s  long battle for justice. “She has  many obstacles  to   conquer  before she clears her  name.”

Shabana Azmi  said joyously, “Finally! Now  please leave her in peace.”

I agree.  The  girl has gone through hell. Her trauma is unimaginable. Could we  at least give her time and space to recover before hounding her?

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