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“Rhea Chakraborty Isolated Sushant From Friends & Family”…Was Rhea Harassing Sushant



“Rhea Chakraborty Isolated Sushant From Friends & Family”...Was Rhea Harassing Sushant 13

In a shocking turn  of events, Sushant Sungh Rajput’s  ex-soulmate Ankita Lokhande has shared  messages from the Bihar police where he confesses he was being harassed by his  live-in girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and that he  wanted  to  quit the relationship.

 In  a series  of rapid developments starlet Rhea Chakraborty who  was in a two-year relationship with  the  late Sushant Singh Rajput, stands  accused by the actor’s father  of abetment to  suicide and fraud.

Rhea , say some friends of  Sushant,  had it coming.

“She was the  only one  close to  Sushant during the last one year.She isolated  him from all  his family and  friends, and then  left him   just a  few weeks before his death.Rhea decided whom Sushant met,  she decided whose calls to take. In fact she had  taken charge of his phone(along with his life)  and she would  answer his calls from concerned friends, very sweetly taking messages and promising  to  convey  the  message  to Sushant. We now  wonder how  many of those messages actually reached Sushant!  Or did he even know his friends were worried  about him?” wonders a  close friend  of Sushant.

 In his final  year on earth Sushant had  become completely  dependent on  Rhea.Whether it  was by choice  or  not nobody knows.

A friend reveals how Rhea’s non-existent career had  become  a big stumbling block for Sushant’s career.

“To give her stranded career a  boost,Sushant  had started recommended her as his leading lady in whichever  offer came his way. Whether this  was  done under  coercion  or whether  Sushant did  it on his own,  we  don’t know. But the fact is  producers  stopped  going  to  Sushant  because he insisted they sign  Rhea  opposite him,” says  a friend  of  the actor.

In  fact filmmaker  Rumi Jaffery  who was  close to Sushant had signed  Rhea  opposite Sushant  for a  rom-com  that was to start  after the lockdown. God, alas,  had other plans. Today with serious allegations  leveled  at  her  for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Rhea Chakraborty’s career  seems to be even more uncertain than  before. It  has ended even before it started. The law will take its course. But fans  of  Sushant will  never forgive her.

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