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Rhea Chakraborty-Saba Azad’s Sister Act Will Melt Your Heart


 For the last six weeks Yash Raj Films and director Ankur Tewari have been bringing great joy into our hearts and homes with their short films on  the theme  of love. Not the way we normally see it. But pyar mein twist.

In a couple of stories during the past few weeks I could see the kahaani mein twist coming.Sometimes the  end-game took  me surprise.In this the last story where two sisters converse over boys and other trivial pursuits as one of them gets ready for a Valentine’s Day date , the end-twist  is definitely a surprise, a delightful surprise.

This story entitled The Big Date features the very attractive Rhea Chakraborty as the hottie, full of herself as she bombards her autistic sister with her vain prattle. The autistic sister, played by Saba Azad  expresses her half-structured thoughts coherently through a jumble of voiceovers where we hear Rhea’s yapping over her sister interpretation of her noisy sister’s words.


The two girls are well cast and so true to type(one hot and talkative, the other sedate and speech

impaired) that we are unprepared for the surprise that springs on the story when MohitMarwah walks in with flowers.

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Apparently this story is taken from a true story of two sisters in the US.

It’s a heartwarming, cute and smile-inducing nugget . Made me wonder why the three actors are not doing more films. And why we waste so much time and money making such an abundance  of feature films when  the short film can say it just as well, if not better.

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