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“Rhea Is Taking Her Revenge On Mukesh Chabra”



After  allegedly  being named by Rhea  Chakraborty  as  one of  the  Bollywood denizens  who consumed  narcotics with  her, casting director filmmaker Mukesh  Chabra has decided to take  legal action against Rhea.

A  source close  to Mukesh says,  “She is just naming any and everyone randomly. Maybe she thinks it will help  her case. But this is  not  fair. Mukesh  has  nothing to do with  drugs of  any kind.He  doesn’t even smoke cigarettes or drink  alcohol , so where’s the question of consuming hard drugs?”

Mukesh’s  close friend  says he can understand Rhea’s  need  to call out names. “She’s taking revenge  on Mukesh  for not speaking  up in her  defence. But Mukesh  has  kept quiet. He decided that was  the best way  to let the  current  furore die down. But now by naming Mukesh  (for consuming drugs) Rhea has seriously compromised his name. Mukesh needs to clear his reputation.”

Mukesh is in consultation with his lawyer even as  you read this.

“Mukesh is definitely taking legal action against Rhea. They are now looking at what  remedial legal action is most appropriate. But Mukesh  would like  sincerely advise Rhea  to  not throw around names to  deflect attention from herself. It won’t help her. Mukesh’s  name has been dragged into this purely with malicious  intent.”

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