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Rhea Likely To Be Arrested Very Shortly,Say Sources, Close Friend Expresses Grave Concern



Rhea  Chakraborty’s father  is  not  off the mark in his deeply tragic tweet where he sarcastically  thanks India for demolishing   a middleclass  family, and then Mr Chakraborty says that after his  son ,it is his daughter Rhea’s turn  to be arrested.

  A  director-friend  of Rhea’s called  and  offered to speak on the family’s trauma on condition  of anonymity. “Becharon ne  kabhi kisika kuch nahi  bigada .Bade  bhale insaan hai(those poor folks have  never harmed  anyone. They are decent people). What  is happening to them can  happen to any one of us.We  are vulnerable to mob attacks endorsed  by governmental annbvgencies.”

This director-friend worries  about Rhea’s  wellbeing.  “She’s a very  brave  girl. Anyone else  in her place would have caved in by now.Such inhuman  pressure…But she’s  holding up in public. When not on camera  she  is  a different  person. She cries easily when no one is  looking. This  whole trauma is taking a toll on her mental  health. Mujhe darr hai  wohladki kuch kar na baithe(I’m afraid this girl may harm  herself).Who will be answerable then?”

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