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Rhea & Sushant Were Not In Touch During His Final Days

 It should come as no surprise  to anybody to  know that Sushant Singh Rajput’s phone records  show no communication with Rhea Chakraborty

According to a source  close to the  development, Rhea had walked out on Sushant  on June 8  and  had  apparently blocked all communication with him on  her phone. If this is  true—and there is no reason to disbelieve  it—then the probable reason  for Sushant taking his  life stares  accusingly at Rhea Chakraborty’ s face.

Sources  say Rhea had shared her growing  anxiety over Sushant’s mental health with  her close  friends.She quit the   relationship because she couldn’t cope with his aggravated mental  condition. And yes , she had no intentions of  returning.

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The quantum of  her guilt  is for  the law to decide.


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