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Rhea’s Miss-You Note On Sushant Leaves Industry Teary-Eyed



Not one word in Rhea Chakraborty’s post  on Sushant Singh Rajput on his death anniversary, rings untrue. This  is a  heartbroken woman who  doubts she  can  ever be in  love again.

 Or as one  of Sushant’s co-stars shared with me  on Monday  afternoon, “This  a woman in love who shall remain in love even if the person she  loves is gone. She can’t move on.”

I am told by Rhea’s very close friend   (I haven’t spoken to Rhea ) that Rhea is filled with ineradicable guilt  for not  being there when Sushant ended his  life. “She had to leave . He pushed her away . She  had no choice but  to  go to her parents’ home  for a  few days. This is  not  the first time they fought, and  she  left. It  had happened before. And they  had made up after  a few days every time. Sushant  couldn’t do  without Rhea. She was  the only person he  wanted to be with in his  final years.”

Hence  the  programmed  vilification campaign against  Rhea  last year was  the worst disservice to Sushant’s memory. None  of  what happened  to  Rhea would have  pleased Sushant. He would have been devastated  at the way she was treated, all in the name of “Justice For Sushant”.

By  naming her  the  culprit,  one doesn’t  know whose justice was served. Rhea is  still healing from the  stoning that she  was subjected to last year. The best  that  those who claim to love Sushant  can do for his memory is to apologize to Rhea  for  blaming her  for Sushant’s suicide.

The truth is, a part of  Rhea died with Sushant.

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