Rift Between Sanjay Dutt & Daughter Escalates

Among the  barrage  of  good wishes that  Sanjay Dutt  received on his 60th birthday on July 29, the one  that was conspicuous by her absence was  the Star’s  elder daughter Trishala who has been living away  from her father, in the USA, since her birth.

And  now its seems  the breach between  Baba and his Beti has gone  beyond the geographical. On his  60th  birthday , daughter Trishala sent  no greetings to her father.Just a week prior to Dutt’s birthday, Trishala had posted a heartrending  message on social media about the death of her boyfriend,

Dutt, we  are told, had no reaction to this life-changing  tragedy in his  daughter’s life.

“It seems Sanju has shut the  door on  Trishala. They don’t communicate at all. He has  zero  knowledge  of  what goes in her  life.There is  no connect,  direct  or indirect, between them,”says a friend  of  the Dutt.

Eyebrows were   raised  about   Trishala’s  complete omission  from  the Sanjay Dutt  biopic Sanju. FilmmakerMahesh Manjrekar, a close friend  of Dutt had commented on   how cruel it was  to leave out such an important  part from the actor’s  biography.

But now the rift has gone far beyond a denial  of  the daughter’s existence  in  a film that was in any way  farcically  fictional. Now,  the  estrangement is   out in the open.

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