“Rinku Devi Is On Maternity Leave, She Will Deliver Soon,” Promises Sunil Grover


After the noisy fall-out with Kapil Sharma  and his show, Sunil Grover has been focusing on live performances  across India.At the moment he is mum on his future plans for television.

He will soon decide what he will do on television next. ApparentlySunil has received offers to do his own comedy shows from various channels. The one he is considering most seriously is for Sony Entertainment, the channel that until recently hosted the Grover-inclusive Kapil Sharma Show.

Apparently the Channel now wants Sunil to do his own show.

Sunil isn’t revealing anything. “Right now  Rinku Devi(one of the characters he played in  the Kapil Sharma Show)  is  on maternity leave.She will deliver soon. And the good news will cheer up all her admirers.”

At  the moment he is blissful about the one-on-one contact with his audience.  “I’ve always enjoyed being in front of live audiences. So  there’s nothing new in my live appearances.”
What is new is the hue and cry raised by an events organizer inAhmedabad who  has accused Sunil of hijacking a live performance.

Sunil explains, “This organizer wanted to shift the date of our show.So we shifted the organizer instead. The hue and  cry is  nothing  more than an attention-grabbing gimmick.We’ve done  nothing unethical.”


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