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Rishi Kapoor Denies Returning Home This Month



Over-zealous  portals have been  getting excited about the ailing  actor Rishi Kapoor’s  return to India after his treatment  in the  US.

According to these unsubstantiated reports, Rishi  is said to have  communicated  to  a friend that he’s  likely to  return to India  by the end  of March.

 However when I  got in touch with Rishi  in the  US he  outright denied any plans to return  to India  in  the  near future.

So  what is Rishi Kapoor’s health report?

Here  is  the true picture:  the much-loved brilliant actor has responded well to the treatment.  But the  healing  process is  taking time.

 Says a  source  close  to  the  Kapoor family, “Rishi  is homesick and very eager  to return  home. They have a wedding  to plan(son Ranbir Kapoor  is  to marry  Alia Bhatt). And he’s counting the days. But he’s not ready  yet to  return. His  treatment is slow but steady.Hopefully  he can  come home in  a few months. But end of this  month? No way!”

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