Rishi Kapoor: “I Am Not Against The Congress At All”


Rishi Kapoor’s tweets questioning why so many of the national assets are named after the Gandhi and Nehru family, have raised a hornet’s nest. The actor’s political allegiance is being questioned.But Rishi, no stranger to  controversy is,steadfast in his opinion. He explains his stance to Subhash K Jha

Your comments on national assets being named after  the Gandhi family has raised a hornest’s nest?

I am stumped! To be very honest , I never expected this kind of an uproar. I expressed an honest opinion for my fellow twitterati. Just think about it. Streets and cities are being re-named. So why not change so many of the national assets that are named after one family?Isska kya matlab hua ke har cheez unke naam pe?

You are being called a  BJP man?

That is completely stupid. I am not pro-BJP. And I am certainly not against the Congress. I am just against a certain policy of the Congress, not against the Congress leaders.I want to make this very clear. I have the highest regard for what the Congress leaders  have done.I’ve the highest regard for what they’ve contributed. I was only making a statement on the tradition of naming national assets after one family. Now people are saying I am against Rajiv Gandhi and his family. Why should I be against them? They are the architects of our country.

Now the Congress spokesperson has stepped in suggesting you’ve contributed nothing to cinema after Bobby?

This is absurd and childish. This is where they’re going wrong. If ill-informed people are going to speak up for the  Congress what can we expect? This is like a  child throwing a tantrum.Please stop giving my statements a political colour. I am too small a fry to speak ill of them.I had a grouse. Accept it, or don’t accept it.People have by and large accepted what I’ve said. Everyone felt the same for a very long time. But no one had the guts to say it out aloud. Now they’re writing and tweeting to me expressing approval.

What promoted you to speak up?

I am being asked why I didn’t speak up during the UPA government… Arrrey, it didn’t occur to me then. Is that  a crime? Nahin kaha toh nahin kaha. Every  city every yojana  has Rajiv Gandhi and his family’s name in it.Kitna yaad dialowge?

You seem to be getting into twitter controversies quite often?

That’s why my wife doesn’t like me tweeting. But you know what? This time I’m glad I said what I said . I’ve been getting messages and calls non-stop.I want to tell the Congress bhakts I’ve nothing against the Gandhi family. It’s their party misusing their names. Delhi has 64 prominent places named after the Gandhi parivar.Sycophancy ki bhi hadd hoti hai.Why do we need to be reminded the Gandhi family’s contribution?

What do you suggest as a solution?

Rename these national assets. Name these places after J R D Tata, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Birlas…have they not contributed to the nation? There should be a constitutional change.Do not name national assets after politicians. Loyalties change and these assets reflect the loyalty of the part in power.

Any regrets?

None. I said what I had to say.It was an opinion. It was never my intention to trigger off a national opinion.Ghalat baat toh ghalat hi hai. I am reminded of my father(Raj Kapoor)’s song Dil ka haal sune dilwalaseedhi so baat na mirch masala keh ke rahega kehne wala. I don’t mince words.I am a tax-paying citizen. I have the right to know why national assets are named after one family. Chori pakdi gayi hai  toh aag lag gayi.

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