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Rishi Kapoor Loses His Cool With The Media…Again

What  was a very special evening celebrating the great Raj Kapoor’s 93rd death anniversary turned out to be an ugly evening , thanks to Raj Saab’s  son  Rishi Kapoor who is by now a  known  and acknowledged party pooper.

The   venue was  the ITC Maurya in  Delhi. The occasion was the release of  a  book  Raj Kapoor The One  & Only Showman that  the  Great Showman’s five children RandhirRishiRajivRima and Ritu  had put together for the occasion.

All went well until Rishi Kapoor decided(once again) to throw  a temper tantrum when he spotted some  journalists at  the venue.

An eyewitness at  the venue relates the incident, “The journalists were present on invitation  from the organizers of the event. And still we saw Mr Rishi Kapoor ordering them  out, much to embarrassment  of  the hosts who tried to reason with him. But Mr Kapoor was beyond reason. He wanted the journalists to be thrown out. The hotel staff had no choice but to comply. We are given to understand that this  is  not the first time Mr Kapoor has thrown  a tantrum at the same venue.”

 Strangely, Rishi Kapoor keeps  getting  into confrontational situations  with the media at  every  opportunity.No herculean investigative powers are  required to figure out that he is not comfortable with the  presence  of  the press when he is around.

So  elementary, why call mediapersons to humiliate them ?

Also, dear Mr Rishi Kapoor, we enjoy your frankspeak and sharptonguelash . But to abuse  press persons  only  because  they cannot retaliate is not a very Kapoor thing to do. I am sure your illustrious Dad must have been deeply saddened on his birthday when he saw you insult invited  guests  to commemorate  his birth anniversary.

 Remember, Sir. The  press is  only doing its  job.

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