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Rishi Kapoor’s Big Scene Remain​ed ​In  Live Sound



While all the actors in Kapoor & Sons have dubbed their lines in their normal voices, Rishi Kapoorwho plays a character  30 years his actual age had to change his voice accordingly.

And for one lengthy sequence  of Rishi Kapoor where he had to plead on Facetime with his grandsons Fawad Khan and Siddharth Malhotra to come home,  it was decided that the dubbing would diminish the drama of the emotions. Live sound was retained in that sequence.

Says Rishi, “I didn’t only have to look like an old man  I also had to sound like one. It is easier said than done. I have to thank my director Shakun Batra for helping me with my voice modulation.I had to talk slowly like a 90-year old but not too slowly because that would get boring for the audience. I managed to dub convincingly.But for my most important scene we have retained the live sound. It was impossible for me to get the same feelings and voice-modulation in the dubbing studio. So we retained my original lines for that scene ,we  just cleaned out the soundtrack.”