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Robot Sequel  Releasing During Same Week, Trying To Emulate The Baahubali Formula?



The Robot sequel cryptically entitled 2: 0  has finally  found a release date.

And  it’s  April  27, 2018…The week that Baahubali was released in 2017.

In fact  sources from the team verify that the date chosen is  based on superstitious considerations.

“The  film was to come in January 2018. But when  it was pushed forward Akshay Kumar preponed his other 2018 release Padman to the date  of   2.0’s original release. Now 2.0 has gone to  April 27 , 2018Baahubali The Conclusion was  released  on April 28, 2018.And that’s no coincidence,” says  the source.

 The makers  of 2:0  see another Baahubali in their project.

“Firstly the number of languages . Just like Baahubali, 2:0 will be released  in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.Secondly with Rajinikanth   helming the project the film automatically acquires  boxoffice supremacy in the South while Akshay Kumar presence ensures a North Indian boxoffice. Thirdly, 2:0  is a Good-versus-Evil   conflict . It was  Prabhas versus  Rana Daggubatti in Baahubali. It’s Rajinikanth versus Akshay in  2:0,” says a source  from the film’s core team.

 In  fact, says  the source, the fourth week of April will see the year’s biggest blockbusters being released every year  from now on.

“It was Baabubali The Conclusion in 2017. It’s 2:0 in 2018. It’s likely to be Rajamouli’s next  film in April 2019,” says the source.

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